Digital Arts Summer Camp


Partnering with the Arts & Science Council's Cultural Block Program BLKMRKTCLT is bringing a summer digital arts workshop to the North End/Sugar Creek/Hidden Valley areas. Students will learn how to develop a career in the digital arts with a focus on photography and videography. We started off as a cultural film study session with the Harvey B. Gantt Center, but now I want to bring the program to the North End Community to help develop and create new artist looking to get their voice out. 

This camp is for high school to young college age kids (15-20) and is Free to attend. Since space is limited applicants are chosen from a selection process. Upon being chosen each student will attend an 8 week digital arts camp where they will learn skills in digital photography and video with the goal of building a career in the arts. Upon the completion of the 8 weeks students will work together to put on their own community art show.

Classes will start on June 16th and run each week for a couple of hours on Saturdays.  Each lesson will consist of learning how to operate cameras, develop  

Project Rough Cuts Flyers.jpg

June 10th: Open House

June 16th:  Workshop #1

June 30th:  Workshop #2

July 7th:       Workshop #3

July 15th:     Open Studio Time

July 21st:      Workshop #4

July 28th:     Workshop #5

July 29th:      Open Studio Time

August  4th: Workshop #6

August 11th: Workshop #7 (TBD)

August 18th:  Workshop #8 (TBD)

Students will:

  • Develop team skills
  • Learn the basics of photography
  • Build a creative network 
  • Learn how to start a creative careers

We will focus on developing and displaying the creative artistry of photography and videography. Participants will be able to develop artistically, work creatively and learn how to monetize and create a career in the arts. The program will end with a community art show sponsored by local gallery BLKMRKTCLT located in the North End Community area called Camp North End. Participants will attend weekend workshops where they will meet with other creative’s and listen to their journey, hear their perspectives on the business and understand their creative process. Students will also receive a creative challenge and be able to work with others to achieve their goals. Students will also receive outside projects to help them develop on their own to create one final project at the end to show off to their friends, family and the community during a community art show.

Students will be able to interact with our tentative list of local creative’s that are well known in various markets. The content creators will range from digital creative’s such as photographers to various bloggers and designers. This will help them to develop more creative content and to get an insight into the other side of digital arts